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SAT High School Exit Exam Prep


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  1. 500 Key Words SAT

    This book does more than teach you which words to learn -- it teaches you how to learn them. Not for temporary memorization, but permanent retention. Using visual images and stories, it builds a bridge between each unfamiliar word and its meaning. It also points out look-alike and sound-alike words, provides pronunciation and alternate parts of speech, and gives sample sentences. More than a hundred cartoons and a section on SAT strategies add to the effectiveness of this powerful vocabulary-building tool. (Softcover, 120 pages, $12.95.)
  2. Up Your Score on the NEW SAT

    Thoroughly overhauled for the new SAT, Up Your Score is the only test-prep guide written by students—all of whom achieved perfect or near-perfect scores and went on to the colleges of their choice. A complement and reality check to the mainstream SAT study guides, it’s the book that kids recommend to each other, because it’s as entertaining as it is effective, showing students how to: • Think like the SAT • Master insider math tricks • Remember the 13 most important grammar rules • Hone their speed and timing • Be a better guesser (and why it’s always better to guess) • Vanquish anxiety and improve concentration • Best fill in the answer circles, saving nearly six minutes • Unwind with SAT Yoga Packed with up-to-date information and smart strategies for the redesigned SAT, this new edition of Up Your Score is written with a sharp sense of humor in the irreverent voice of a peer, so it engages kids, rather than puts them to sleep. And, to really keep that energy up, it includes a recipe for Sweet & Tasty 800 Bars
  3. Barron's SAT Writing Workbook for the NEW SAT

    This thoroughly revised edition of Barron’s Writing Workbook for the New SAT prepares students for the writing sections of the newly redesigned SAT: THE SAT WRITING AND LANGUAGE TEST and THE SAT ESSAY. It includes: Writing and Language Test Overview of the new test Sample multiple-choice questions that test students’ skills in editing and revising the text of four prose passages Three complete W & L Tests for practice with all answers explained SAT Essay Overview of the new “optional” essay Preparing to write the essay:: What students need to know, including how to annotate prose passages Practice in reading and analyzing a “source” -- the prose passage that students must write about Numerous “Mini-Workouts” for sharpening essay writing skills Samples of student-written SAT Essays for evaluation Instruction in drafting and editing your essay Guidance in completing the essay within the SAT’s time limitation Five prose passages for essay-writing practice Criteria for analyzing and scoring SAT essays
  4. Barron's SAT Reading Workbook for the NEW SAT

    This new edition concentrates on the new 2016 SAT’s Reading Test with exercises reflecting all of the new SAT question types: reading comprehension. understanding words used in context, and graphical analysis Exercises are divided according to three levels of increasing difficulty, labeled from A to C Features a helpful diagnostic test and 3 full-length Reading practice tests All questions are answered and explained Students who can answer all level C questions are ready to excel on the actual exam The workbook also presents test-taking tips and vocabulary review.
  5. Barron's SAT Math Workbook for the NEW SAT

    This completely revised edition reflects all of the new questions and question types that will appear on the new SAT, scheduled to be administered in Spring 2016. Students will discover: Hundreds of revised math questions with answer explanations Math strategies to help test-takers approach and correctly answer all of the question types on the SAT All questions answered and explained Here is an intensive preparation for the SAT's all-important Math section, and a valuable learning tool for college-bound students who need extra help in math and feel the need to raise their math scores.
  6. Barron's NEW PSAT Workbook

    This completely new test prep manual introduces high school students to the newly redesigned PSAT/NMSQT test and prepares them to get the best score possible. This book features: 2 practice tests reflective of the NEW PSAT Tips and strategies specific to each section of the test, including Critical Reading, Writing Skills, and Math Advice for students aiming for National Merit Scholarships Much more Students will learn strategies that can take them from a good score to a great score, and find everything they need to succeed on the new test.


6 Item(s)