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Critical Thinking Skills and the Power of Curiosity

Children have natural curiosity.  Beginning with the reach and gaze of infants toward their caregivers, to the climbing skills of many toddlers- the curious part of us is in constant motion.  The challenge facing many parents is working with teachers and educators to maintain and encourage that curiosity in their children as their young ones begin to face life beyond the perimeters of their own homes. 

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”  While the world would beg to differ regarding Professor Einstein not having special talents, his words do speak to the importance of cultivating a life-long curiosity.  A question that pleads to be asked is, “My child is bored with everything except her phone and her video games, so how can I get her to be curious?” One way to spur curiosity is to learn a few points regarding her phone or her favorite video game, and ask one question which will spark her critical thinking skills.  For example, “Who deserves recognition for developing this game?” or “What are a couple of new upgrades on the phone you want?”  While this first step may not produce a heart to heart discussion, you will be engaging with your child in a way which will cause her to think of her phone and video games in a new way.    

In our next blog, we will look a bit closer on how to encourage your children to activate their critical thinking skills.